Welcome to

Hipa Studios

Hipa studios are a Gold coast dance studio where our Love of dance Fuels our passion to Teach others.


We provide a variety of dance classes from tiny tots to adults.

Our focus is on providing a supportive and encouraging environment  to learn.

With a fun, FAMILY FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE and a focus on the joy of music and dance.

WE ARE one of the longest running Gold Coast dance  studios and WE DO NOT CHARGE TERM FEES, so you only pay for the classes you attend, PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO STAY and watch at all classes

All levels of ability are welcome, but only positive attitudes are allowed.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to discover the joy of music and dance. That everyone has the music in them and that music and dance can change lives. Through laughter, love, striving and achieving and we believe that everyone is capable of excellence. We believe in ourselves and we believe in You. Our purpose is to ignite this passion in people of all ages and to provide a warm and caring environment as a catalyst to your journey through life.

We teach a variety of styles including Jazz, Tap, Hip hop, Ballet, contemporary , Tiny tots classes and more, we have dance classes for all ages from 2 to 99 across all of our gold coast dance studios. All our dance studios have fun uplifting atmospheres, with great instructors. All of our instructors Have been trained either by happyfeet performance academy or by Hipa studios to meet our preferred methods of teaching and exacting standards.