We have three different programs in our tiny’s dance classes section.


TIP TOE TODDLERS is our in studio tinys dance classes for 18months-4 year olds

PREP & STEP is our in studio classes for 4 – 6 Year Olds

Hipa Hoppers is our specialist program created for Child care centers

Our kindy program has been running at many gold coast kindys and is a huge success with the day care familys.

If you would like to find out about having our hipa hoppers program at your kindy  for more information.

TIP TOE TODDLERS 18months-4yo

Our Tip Toe Toddlers Class is a great way to incorporate Movement, Dance and Music for your 18 month-4yr olds. For this younger group, parents are welcome to join in and dance.
The Tip Toe Toddlers class runs for 30 mins and strikes the perfect balance between structure and creativity. Tip Toe Toddlers is a fantastic exploration of music and dance which are both amazing ways to improve motor skills, nurture imagination and improve memory recall.
We Love these classes as they help build a child’s fundamental skills whilst dancing twirling and having fun. The class creates excitement, and a ‘team spirit’ built on a foundation of friendship within the group.


Our Prep & Step class runs for 30mins and encourages the 3 C’s… Creativity, Confidence and Co-ordination.
This class is for our Pre-Prep and Prep aged students and is a combination class, incorporating approx. 15mins of each Tap and Ballet.
The focus is on expanding concentration skills as we put together and practice a dance routine to a piece of popular well known, age appropriate music. Our Prep and Step dancers will learn to explore movement as they have fun following along with their engaging instructors. Music and dance are a fantastic way to ignite brain pathways, nurture their imaginations and build confidence as they get to perform for their audience, the parents each week.



3.30-4.00pm  at Oxenford community youth Centre on a TUESDAY

3.30-4.00pm at Mudgeeraba community Centre @ Firth park on a THURSDAY

See map at bottom of page


4.00-4.30pm  at Oxenford community youth Centre on a TUESDAY

4.00-4.30pm at Mudgeeraba community Centre @ Firth park on a THURSDAY

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At HIPA STUDIOS we believe everybody should have the opportunity to dance and as such part of our philosophy is to make our dance classes as affordable and as accessible as possible.

*WE WILL NOT make you pay a term fee HOWEVER we will give you a 10% DISCOUNT should you wish to pay for the full term upfront.*(not in conjunction with other discounts)

You only pay for the classes you attend. if you are Absent we do not charge you.

We do charge an annual Registration fee this is $20 for the first student and $15 for the second student in one family, any additional students will not be charged a registration fee.

ALL our 30 minute Classes are charged as follows per day

1 Class      = $13
2 Classes = $20
3 Classes = $27
4 Classes = $33
5 Classes = $38

All Prices include GST

We also apply a 10% Discount for family’s with more than 1 student.

If you have any questions check out or FAQ’s PAGE or call us on 0466 771 156

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