Welcome and thank you for showing interest in our dedicated Kindy dance program, we would love to share a little about it and us with you.

We are Hipa Studios, a performance-based studio locally owned and operated here on the Gold Coast. We have been around for 30+ years and we love what we do and think you will too!

Our Kindy program has been developed, tweaked and lovingly nurtured over the years and we are proud to now present it to you as Our Hipa Hoppers Program! its a great way to incorporate Movement, Dance and Music for your students.

learn and master new skills like jumping,hoping and skipping
practice both calming and focusing techniques

Our classes run for 30mins for the older groups and 15mins for the 18mnth-3yrs, and encourages Creativity, Confidence and Co-ordination.

Music and Dance are both amazing ways to improve motor skills, expand imagination and improve memory recall. 

We Love these classes as they help young ones realise the importance of a strong, healthy, flexible body. The class creates excitement, and a ‘team spirit’ built on a foundation of friendship within the group.

Within the class we will:

  •       LEARN A WARM UP. How to safely stretch.
  •       PERFORM SOME FOLLOW ALONG SONGS. Teaching following direction and copy body motions, shapes and focus.
  •       LEARN COMPONENTS/ BLOCKS OF DANCE. To put together an entire routine by the end of the term reiterating the lessons of sequences and cognitive retention.
  •       AN ASSORTMENT OF STYLES. Jazz, tap, ballet, finding balance, core and contra body in motion
  •       BOTH CALMING AND FOCUSING TECHNIQUES. Helping with mind body connection and spatial awareness.
  •       IMPROVISATION. Building imagination, confidence and self-awareness.

 ·        AND SO MUCH MORE!

We believe these classes are an important part of growing happy, healthy, well rounded students, creating confident children who are Well Prepared For School when the time comes.

For more information or if you would like to book a demonstration class to see us in action at your kindy please  fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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